We work with a broad network of experts in fields that support Financial Institutions and Ultra High Net Worth Private Clients.

Institutions are exploring A.I. supported investment management services. Take time to explore the best.

Visit our sister website that shows a whole range of portfolios, updated daily. Themed portfolios are becoming an area of interest. The example portfolios show the breadth of capacity of SigmaPlus to work across a broad spectrum of market sectors.

We are among the few operators in the sector (probably the only ones at the moment) who make the models used to evaluate the probabilistic outcomes of investments available for daily public verification, without imposing consultation limits.

We not only publish the results, but also the calculation methods used for the creation of active indices used for direct indexing (*), for replication with actively managed ETFs and thematic certificates.

The portfolios are themed showing their asset universes and up-to-date holdings. Please consider this site exclusively as a place for in-depth study and showcase of the opportunities that artificial intelligence offers. You will find opportunities for reflection and analysis to support your ideas, but you must never use it as a decision-making tool or as an investment recommendation .

A sister website dedicated to providing free investment information and analysis direct from our A.I. engine. It is an active tool, not just a showcase


We understand your challenges.

We offer:

  • Low-Risk portfolios with surprising level of control on volatility without over-weighting bonds.
  • To build niche equity sector portfolios without the large research infrastructure cost.
  • Those with under performing funds a means to bring about a revival to positive territory.
  • Stable portfolios to Institutions offering their clients’ Constant Proportion Portfolio Insurance (CPPI) products.
  • Bespoke ETF portfolios to fit your design requirements.
  • Equity hedged portfolios to fit your design preferences.
  • Themed Portfolios

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Our service is Advisory only, so all trades are overseen and can be checked to be within the agreed stock universe – no handing over the capital with little or no scrutiny or transparency.  Our portfolios are long-only, and we only deal with highly tradeable assets from a universe you select.  We can also work with your preferred Asset Manager to supervise and make the trades, they also manage the liquidity.


We run a range of portfolios online, we don’t highlight the current winners and hide the underperformers. Go to our Example Portfolios Page and select a portfolio from the Dashboard, we will send you the performance along with all the trade data.

High Dimensional Data

Humans cannot digest high dimensional disparate data; we need computers to do this for us. This is the natural home for A.I. systems. SigmaPlus™ is our expert system that is supported by A.I. technology. A.I. alone will not work in what is a highly stochastic environment; a new paradigm was needed to achieve repeatable outcomes and robust enough to manage variation in the quality of inputs.

SigmaPlus™ is tried, tested and working in a number of institutions. Our A.I. strategy is long-only and only invests in highly liquid plain vanilla assets.

First Steps

Discuss and decide:

  1. target performance and risk objectives
  2. investment universe
  3. Number of funds or securities
  4. Cash management and restrictions
  5. Hedging, if any

Next Steps

  1. We Input your decisions and analyse the outcomes
  2. We evaluate all investment inputs and report back with the best scenarios that match your criteria. We may suggest tweaks that may improve on the original model.
  3. You make a final decision on the model and start date.
  4. Advisory Service begins.

Our Outcomes

  • The system produces stable performance that will generally outperform benchmarks over time.  Buy and Hold Strategies, suffer underperformance and higher risk than SigmaPlus, after reasonable costs.
  • Portfolio turnover is low by comparison with general active strategies giving a reduction in trading and administration costs.
  • SigmaPlus works well with collectives and even better with direct stocks. The requirement is that all securities are listed on Bloomberg.
  • All risk metrics improve.
  • Redesigning Portfolio’s to serve their objectives better is made more accessible, and asset managers are given more time for strategic thinking rather than daily adjustment of holdings.
  • Weak performing portfolios receive a boost
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Note:  SigmaPlus is not in testing; we work with a number of investment institutions, asset managers, insurance companies and banks.  We do not hide the bad performers and promote the positive ones.  We run 100 portfolios online in the US, all of which are available for viewing.  See links at the end.

Our servers reside in a facility run by Knowledge Network SA ( which has been designed according to TIER IV, with complete segregation and segmentation of each component.  It also follows the recommendation of FINMA(08/7 circular – Outsourcing for Swiss Banks).  The infrastructure is ISO 9001:2008 and is periodically subject to stress tests.  Knowledge Network is also a certified DSS-PCI compliance, the safety standard on data provided by the international circuits for online payments. Our system retains an historical record of all trades which does not allow us an ability to modify.