Citizenship and Residence Programs

Global Citizenship = Wealth Without Borders

A 2nd Passport for the right person is like an insurance policy, it gives you options.

Working with affluent investors, we need to be on top of all matters that affect their wealth and choices, a second passport is an important consideration.

There are a growing number of jurisdictions recommending some kind of Citizenship and Residence programs, currently, at least twenty. Before selecting a jurisdiction you must consider your options carefully before committing yourself. Call us, we bring you to a level of confidence so you can make decisions knowing you are taking the best route. You have options, make sure you explore them.

There are many pitfalls, and opportunists are ready to offer seemingly cut-price access; the reality is often a well-disguised high-cost route.

Where, Why, How

We can guide you through the process of understanding the Where, the Why and the How; taking full account of your circumstances, do not just follow friends –  talk to Perimeter first.

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Become a TRUE global citizen.

You diversify your assets, so why not diversify your passports? Join the wise. Call us, or email for an early appointment.

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