Born in 1961, South Africa. Based in Zurich since 1999. Tertiary education – B. Economic Science (Computer Science and Economics), Honours in Finance, and graduated as Cost Management Accountant. Career in banks (Standard), Management consultancy (Accenture) and Insurance (Irish Life).

He is considered the leading expert on the EU Savings Directive. He has been recognised by the EU Commission for his valuable exchange of views on the Directive Amendments since 2005. Mr. Morris was officially called by the German Parliament hearings in September 2012 to testify a technical analysis on the inefficiency of the Swiss-German tax agreement.

He currently advises EU Commission, EU Parliament and EU Council on aspects of Automatic Exchange of Information. Interacts with the OECD on weaknesses and ambiguities of the Common Reporting Standard. Helps edit the technical papers for NGOs such as Tax Justice Network. Advises several European competent authorities and EU Finance Federations on the misapplications in the guidelines concerning EU Directives. Is the author of e-learning scripts for Baker and McKenzie’s LawInContext regarding Common Reporting Standard and EU Savings Tax Directive. Provides live training add-ons to the courses to Baker McKenzie’s clients. Assisting EU Parliament on enforcing US to implement the promised Reciprocal Reporting of FATCA, held up by Congress. Holds training sessions for various STEP organizations around the world.

Has assisted several well-known international banks with offshore captive insurance companies. Recently was instrumental in creation of a life insurance private placement program in a US territory. A frequent seminar speaker, (recently in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Channel Islands, Cyprus, Singapore and Dubai) on international tax agreements. Holds bespoke training sessions on international tax agreements.

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