SigmaPlus Overview


This is a short 3 min video showing the benefits of our Advanced Investment Advisory Service. Click full screen when video plays for better resolution.

SigmaPlus Overview2021-03-24T22:50:40+02:00

Investing – Staying Safe


"An invasion of armies can be resisted, but you cannot resist an idea whose time has come." Victor Hugo This article was prompted by watching a video of wealth managers discussing artificial intelligence (A.I.) finding its way into asset management. The lines of resistance were clear, weak and unfortunate. There was no one there [...]

Investing – Staying Safe2021-03-20T20:02:32+02:00

Pinocchio Lives On


Pinocchio's nose grew longer and longer as he told more lies. I want to soften this analogy as you will see, but the abstraction is sadly not far off.  Hopefully, this promotes discussion Active asset managers have been struggling for some years to maintain trust with their clients regarding performance, and the constant assault on charges [...]

Pinocchio Lives On2020-11-27T11:11:33+02:00

The Black Swan Meets It’s Match


IS THERE REALLY A SAFE SPACE IN EQUITY MARKETS RIGHT NOW? – YOU DECIDE. Active Asset Managers have been praying for a market downturn so they can show their value to the Buy and Hold fraternity, well its arrived! To some extent, we too have relished the opportunity to show our service works in [...]

The Black Swan Meets It’s Match2020-11-06T16:42:56+02:00