Ethical Secured Income Opportunity

Secure Ethical Investment

Secure Ethical Investment

Fantastic opportunity for Pension funds, Endowment Trusts, Financial Institutions and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals to invest in a secure indexed-linked fixed income ethical program. Linked with UK Property, its a government-backed, social housing infrastructure program.

  • Invest £10 – 30 million into your own Special Purpose Vehicle structured to take the advantage of this vital sector. The property portfolio is purpose-built for the client and is in their ownership.
  • Income is approximately 5.75% per annum indexed linked against the CPI, over circa 20 years. In addition to the income, the portfolio will enjoy capital growth over the ensuing period.
  • All properties benefit from long term Full Repairing and Insuring (“FRI”) leases with Government-backed funding for maintenance, upkeep and care costs.
  • Houses are professionally managed by a Registered Provider, all of which are regulated by the Regulator of Social Housing(RSH).
  • This is an investment with an opportunity with no need to worry about voids and maintenance.
  • Fundamentum is experienced in this field; it will seek out the properties to build the portfolio and provide the ongoing property management to ensure the properties are fully maintained and guide the whole investment process from start to end – Perimeter Consultancy acts as a professional interface both for the origination of the investment and general client servicing.
  • Currency Hedging available if needed.
  • We will provide a step by step investment process guide for interested parties.

Tenants are specific interest groups with identified needs (e.g. learning disabilities, autism, etc.).

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Example properties from an existing portfolio