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VOLCON “VLCN” was the First of Three Core Positions to Make Their Public Trading Debut.

The IPO was priced at $5.50 and commenced trading on the 8th of

October 28, 2021 … the shares hit an all-time high of $16.60 yesterday

… nineteen days post their IPO

With over $11 million introduced on two Pre-IPO Rounds, Our source

provided nearly 70% of the VLCN Pre-IPO money • VLCN Round I priced

at $2.57 • VLCN Round II priced at $3.80 The stellar performance of

the VLCN IPO was the third big Pre-IPO to IPO winner for our source.

The two previous 2021 IPO standouts, saw fairy-tale-like trading debuts of neatly 10x from IPO price in one day •

$50,000,000 Introduced over three SPIVs The valuation chatter on the IPO is currently $5.0 billion which would represent a roughly 4x to 5x up-lift from where we are positioned.

$8.8 Million Allocation on Series A Funding Round … $40,000,000 valuation Ampverse Named One of the Top Singapore Sports Companies & Start-Ups This Bloomberg Interview is Spectacular Ready, Player One: In Asia, e-Sports is Shaping Up to Be the Next Big Thing. Investors were alongside two local VC’s that are very deep in the eSports space.

$23.0 million Introduced at Valuations Ranging from $15 million to $100 million Company

about to embark on an M&A Roadshow with the goal of getting the a $1 to $2.5 billion Exit

upon a trade sale After years of R&D the TuneGO Vault, with its seventy+ patents, is now being

commercialized. TuneGO is generating some significant media buzz. A favourite for one of

our directors who has a substantial investment in this opportunity.

$30,000,000 Introduced at valuations ranging from £15.0 million to $125

million. Acquires Established Staffing Firms Fortus Healthcare

Resources and Endevis,

Adding $50 Million of Annual Revenue ( is in full on

prepare for IPO mode …. In addition, they have two more acquisitions lined up

over the next sixty days that gets them to a $100 million revenue run rate is in a fantastic position to take advantage of an unprecedented

marketplace that we have never seen before. • is beginning the

process of a public listing in the form of a SPAC • The Run Rate Revenue for is currently $60 million. Another favourite of one of our directors who

is heavily invested here.

Riches come from sewing the seeds early.

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