Active Asset Managers have been praying for a market downturn so they can show their value to the Buy and Hold fraternity, well its arrived! To some extent, we too have relished the opportunity to show our service works in both good and bad times. We have delivered on our Promise to our wealthy clients.

ADVANCED INSTITUTIONAL ADVISORY SERVICEWhen the Black Swan arrives, the weak arguments are exposed, and very quickly the empty promises are hidden away in cupboards, soon to be replaced by new promises of riches to made from such a terrible downturn. For those of us with genuine answers, so often hidden in plain sight, the time has arrived to present a new paradigm. A lot of the hot air has temporarily disappeared giving room to spotlight something special.

Investors will be hurting and likely lost as to where to turn. Asset Managers can take stock and at the very least explore what is before their eyes, an honest solution that is capable of delivering on promises. A safer investment world can be offered by the combination of professional asset managers skills and artificial intelligence. That time has arrived – OUR ADVANCED INSTITUTIONAL ADVISORY SERVICE.

No derivatives, the direct fixed interest element, if required, is managed by the asset manager. Our advisory service deals with direct equities and funds, long-only and highly liquid. In the middle of this fire, resides true Protection.

Asset managers, family offices, banks, trusts and pension funds wanting true wealth preservation for their clients, we have the answer. In fact, we have solutions for any sensible portfolio objectives. Family Office demand: Don’t lose money – Don’t lose money – Don’t lose money is possible, and without bulking portfolios with illiquid assets.

We support active asset managers. Call us.

Firmly established INSIDE A SAFE PERIMETER, here is a portfolio designed to maintain the wealth of our Ultra High Net Worth Clients. The brief was to provide a modest (undefined) REAL return with low volatility.

All trades are available on request.

Call us or email for more information. Teleconferencing from home is the new norm and we are happy to work remotely.

Harry Holt BSc MSTA CFTe, Director at Perimeter Consultancy