Do not sit on the underperformance of your pension pot or invested capital, sitting on prolonged negative returns by accepting the argument “sit back and relax it will come back” is a very expensive option.

CapitalCare is a huge advance in managing your capital, estate planning and lifestyle. The future is unknown, but this does not stop us from planning. Unfortunately, when it comes to investing this all too often translates to a significant upfront effort exploring your investment options and then slides into a default activity of only occasional oversight of your portfolio performance. This is not satisfactory for anyone.

Capitalcare is all about getting the most from your capital. It will avoid unbridled drawdown of funds leading to premature exhaustion of your capital. Budgeting is not something to be left as a rule of thumb, especially in retirement. You need to be in control of your options and this requires an understanding of the data affecting you. CapitalCare will shine a light on the impact of your decisions.

Should you be fortunate enough to be in a position to make lifetime gifts to reduce IHT, not making sure the numbers add up can lead to unexpected financial stress. We guide you, ensuring your confidence along the way.

Our Approach

Accumulation Phase
: small differences in your portfolio returns can significantly increase or decrease your capital base at retirement. What is at stake is your quality of lifestyle. We all like the idea of financial freedom and a comfortable lifestyle, so make sure you pay attention along the journey. We show you the do and don’ts on building your portfolio.

Retirement draw down Phase (Decumulation): We cannot stress enough how vital this phase is if you are to enjoy a continued comfortable lifetime. It is a must to investigate your options pragmatically and with the aid of technology.

Artificial Intelligence is changing the face of portfolio management, and we encourage our clients to use it both in the accumulation and income (decumulation) phases to get better control the variability of investment returns. Find out more by requesting our article on Investing Safely.

Modelling your wealth

We use Mathematical Modelling to analyse your circumstances and produce simple clear guidelines on the risks associated with each potential path you may choose. When you need to draw down on your pension pot to support income, it is critical that drawdowns are sustainable over your lifetime. We can model the total drawdown over your lifetime; generally, we use a default mortality age of 99 – this can be increased or decreased, and we can target a specific end value to pass on to your heirs. We can also evaluate mathematically the confidence you can have to give away capital in your lifetime.

Modelling should never be a one-off exercise, fluctuating asset returns and changing cash requirements shift the likelihood of achieving your financial objectives for the better or worse, so together we update your model as circumstances change. A good analogy is a commercial flight, the computers and GPS correct the course frequently to arrive at the optimal flight path to get you to your destination. While that level of frequency correction is not necessary or even possible, it should be done annually or when something changes significantly in the event of significant changes in demand for capital or poor market returns.

CapitalCare is a long way ahead of general investment planning, make sure you take advantage.

And, who said you should have just one risk-graded portfolio?